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Le Yang

Le Yang or Lo Yang, Chinese mathematician (Nantong, Jiangsu Province 10 November 1939 –

Introduced the concept of deficient functions and proved its countability

With Guanghou Zhang introduced the concept of defects and singularity directions in distribution theory

Obtained the precise estimate of total deficiency for any meromorphic function with its derivative

With G. Zhang first established the numbers of deficient values and Borel directions of entire and meromorphic functions (1970s)

Established new criteria for normality

Established relationship between normal families and fixed points as well as that between normal families and different polynomials

Established the necessary and sufficient conditions for the distribution of singular directions  

Found a new kind of singular directions

With W.K. Hayman solved a conjecture of Littlewood


Le Yang inequality

Yang-Zhang theorem (relation between deficit value and singular directions) 1977  

Yang-Zhang inequality

Yang relation of deficiencies

Yang problem in derivative functions with maximal deficiency sum