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Kuan Mu Yao

Kuan Mu Yao, Taiwanese sanitary engineer (Zhuji, Zhejiang Province 25 September 1923 – 2009)

Influence of suspended particle size on the transport aspect of water filtration. Master Dissertation (1968)

Defined basic formulae for high rate settlers

Theoretical study of high-rate sedimentation. J. Water Poll. Control. Feder. 42(2):218-28, 1970

Design of high rate settlers. J. Environ. Engin. Div. ASCE 99(2):621-37, 1970

Presented a conceptual model for water and waste water filtration processes and the first water filtration model that successfully predicts the initial collection efficiency (Yao-Habibian filtration model)

With M.T. Habibian & C.R. O’Melia. Water and waste water filtration. Concepts and applications. Environ. Sci. Technol. 5(11):1105-12, 1971

Presented a design chart and a design procedure for applying the critical shear stress approach for the hydraulic design of self-cleaning circular sewers

Established Yao formula and defined a term (s) for assessing the performance of a settler

Sewer line design based on critical shear stress. J. Environ. Engineer. 100(2):507, 1974

Functional design of sanitary sewers. J. Water Poll. Control Feder. 48(7):1772-8, 1976