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Jose Tadashi Yorinori

José Tadashi Yorinori, Brazilian plant pathologist (Londrina, Paraná State 12 September 1943 – Londrina, Paraná State 13 June 2016)

Considered a world authority on soybean diseases

Proposed fallowing for soybean (period of 60 to 90 days that you cannot sow or keep plants alive in the field)

With L.H. Klingelfuss. Novas raças de Cercospora sojina em soja. Fitopatolo. Bras. 24(4):509-12, 1999

Proposed a scale for level of infection in Oidio da soja (1997)


With C.A. A. Arias & J.F.F. Toledo. An improved procedure for testing theoretical segregation in qualitative genetic studies of soybeans. Rev. Bras. Genet. 17(3):291-7, 1994

Método do palito de dente para seleção de genótipos de soja com resistêncioa ao cancro da haste (1994)

Metodologia para avaliação da resistência ao cancro da haste da soja. Fitopatol. Bras. 16:58, 1991

Metodologia de produção de inóculo de Diaporthe phaseolorum sp.meridioonalis (1991)

With J.B. Sinclair. Assay methods for recovering Cercospora sojina, C. kikuchii and Phomopsis spp. From soybean seeds. Phytopath. 71:267, 1981

With J.B. Sinclair. Harvest and assay methods for seedborne fungi in soybeans and their pathogenicity. Plant Diseases 1:53-9, 1983