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Jhillu Singh Yadav

Jhillu Singh Yadav, Indian organic chemist (Azamgarh District, Uttar Pradesh State 04 August 1950 –

Authored over 1,100 research papers (with more than 20,000 citations and h-index 60)

Designed synthesis of complex molecules with synthons

Showed the possibility of preparing many tetrahydropyran/dihydropyran containing complex macrolides in a concise and convergent manner

First to report contiguous chiral centers in a highly diastereoselective manner as a protocol for short and convergent synthesis of a variety of complex biologically active natural products with multiple chiral centers

Held over 150 patents in India and abroad


New chiral centers in complex molecules

Several new. eco-friendly methods in organic synthesis especially for enantiomerically pure allylic and acetylenic alcohols and for spiroacetals

Methodologies for the synthesis of pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals such as Diltiazem, Ondasetron, Pyrazinamide, Ketofifen, Mefloquin and Tamoxifin

First ever highly enantioselective synthesis of propargyl alcohol derivatives from epoxy alcohol and carbohydrates

First directed-Prins cyclization protocol for the synthesis of 2,4,6-syn-trisubstituted tetrahydropyran derivatives

A unique method to resolve an acid by using half mole of chiral base and other half being inorganic base

A very new novel reaction for the asymmetric synthesis of allylic alcohol in one step in presence of titanocene reagent without compromising the stereocenter

A methodology to form trans-3-hydroxyvinyl chloride by treatment of epoxychlorides with lithium amide

New and better methods for synthesizing exceptionally complex molecules starting from carbohydrates