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Fu-qing Yang

Fu-qing Yang, Chinese female computer scientist (Wuxi, Jiangsu Province 06 November 1932 –

Authored over 150 papers and 8 books


With G. Huang & H. Mei proposed a new approach to recovering software architecture from component based systems at runtime and changing the runtime systems via manipulating the recovered software architecture (2006)

With J.F. Zhao, B.Xie & L. Zhang. A web services composition method supporting domain feature. Chin. J. Computers 4:731-8, 2005

With G. Huang, Q.X. Wang & H. Mei presented the design and implementation of a reflective component operating platform called PKUAS (2003)

With Q.X. Wang, Y.H. Luo & H. Mei presented an automated approach to improve and facilitate the ORB-based application development (2002)

With Q.X. Wang, Q. Wong & K.Q. Li presented Jade Bird domain engineering method, a new object oriented domain engineering method (2002)

With S. Zhang & L. Wang proposed JB/HMB, a software architecture style based on hierarchical message buses (2001)

With X.Q. Chen, W.Z. Shao & H. Mei provided a new method for enhancing documentation for reuse (1999) 

Presented a file system of the modularized operating system DJS200/XT2 (1981)

With G.Q. Xing presented a kernel of the modularized operating system designed with the modular design method PCM (1981)

With C.H. Zhong developed a modular design method of operating systems (1979)

Developed DJS-150 and DJS-240 operating systems (1970s)