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Emilio Yunis

Emilio José Yunis Turbay, Colombian geneticist (Sincelejo, Sucre Department 1937 – Bogotá 23 March 2018)

From Lebanese parents

Described Yunis-Varón syndrome (with radiologist Humberto Varón Acosta 1920-?)

With H. Varón. Cleidocranial dysostosis, severe micrognathism, bilateral absence of thumbs and first metatarsal bone, and distal aphalangia: a new genetic syndrome. Am. J. Dis. Child 134:649-53, 1980

Established two 7q trisomy syndromes: 7q227q31 and 7q22,q317qter

With E. Ramírez & J.G. Uribe. Full trisomy 7 and Potter syndrome. Hum. Genet. 54(1):13-8, 1980

Another syndrome

With R. Zuñiga & E. Ramírez. Retinoblastoma, gross internal malformations, and deletion 13q14 leads to q31. Hum. Genet. 56(3):283-6, 1981

First report in the literature of a liveborn with this chromosome abnormality

With J. Gonzalez & O.M. Torres de Caballero. Partial trisomy 16q. Human Genetics (1977)