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Dusheng Ye

Dusheng (Duzheng) Ye or Tu-Cheng Yeh, Chinese meteorologist (Anqing, Anhui Province 21 February 1916 - Beijing 16 October 2013)

Proposed the spatial scale effect in geostrophic adjustement and between pressure and winfield in the mesoscale notion

Published one of the world's first research papers on the dynamics of the general circulation

Introduced the group velocity into the evolution of atmospheric disturbance 

Proposed the theory of long-wave energy dispersion (1949)

Put forward the mechanism of the formation and maintenance of the atmospheric circulation in the mean state (1950)

First to stress the importance of Qinghai (Tibetan Plateau) as a heat source in summer and a cold source in winter, a major contribution to the understanding of the general atmosphere circulating over Asia (1950s)

With Shiyan Tao put forward the idea of the seasonal discontinuity of atmospheric circulation in the Northern Hemisphere (1958)  and showed that it was due to onset of the south-western monsoon in India and related phenomena in China and in India

Proposed the scale theory of adaptation process (1958) further developed

With Zhu pointed out that topography and non-adiabatic heating are the fundamental causes for the formation of quasi-stationary planetary waves (1958)


Honorary Member, Royal Meteorological Society (1982) & American Meteorological Society (1990)

IMO Prize (2003)