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Chen Ning Yang

Chen Ning Yang, US / Chinese physicist (Hefei, Anhui Province 01 October 1922 –

With M. Rosenbluth laid the foundations for classifying 4 kinds of weak interactions (1949)

With J. Tiomno first to equate the universality of weak interaction (1950)
Proved the Lee-Yang theorem (1952)
Suggested that critical exponents are universal (1952)
Introduced the concept of complex fugacity and proved the unit circle theorem (1952) 
Proposed Yang-Mills equations that describe fundamental interactions for elementary particles and fields (1954)
With Lee created the G parity concept (1955), predicted the violation of parity conservation (1956) and proposed the existence of W particle, an intermediate boson
Introduced the off-diagonal long-range order concept (1962)
With T.T. Chou & E. Yen proposed a geometrical model for high energy scattering (1967)
With Tai Tsun Wu introduced concepts and parameters in conjugation & parity (CP) non-conservation


Physics Nobel Prize (1957)

King Faisal International Prize (2001)


Treiman-Yang angle test for single pion exchange dominance (1962)

Yang-Feldman formalism

Yang theorem

Yang-Tiomno classification 

Lee-Yang property   

Yang-Baxter equation (1967)

Wu-Yang monopole (1968)

Yangian structures