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Zhizhan Xu

Zhizhan Xu, Chinese physicist (Changzhou, Jiangsu Province 16 December 1938 -

Authored over 350 scientific papers

Realized neutron emission by laser irradiation of targets (1973) and pellet compression by laser (1977)

Developed the computer simulation code (1976)

Established the six-beam high power laser system (1976)

Found a new inversion region in x-ray laser physics (1981)

First to obtain eight new wavelengths of X-ray laser at low laser pumping power

With S.S. Chen & X.B. Guangxue developed a miniaturized tunable-pulse width ultra-short pulse high power Nd:glass power being the first time such system developed worldwide (1991)


A new acceleration scheme for positron beams

With Z.L. Xu, B.F. Shen, J.C. Xu, T.J. Xu, L.G. Zanng, S. Li & L.L. Ji. Positron beam acceleration driven by laser-acceleration electron beam (2019)

With S.L. Chin, X. Guo, H.B. Xu, F.W. Kong, A.D. Xia et al. A new approach for rain gush formation associated with ionic wind (2018)

Demonstrated a new experimental phenomenon

With J.Y. Zhao, W. Chu, Z. Wang, Y. Peng, C. Gong, L. Lin et al. Strong spatial confinement of terahertz wave inside femtosecond laser filament. ACS Photonics 3(12), 2016

Demonstrated for the first time the condensation and precipitation (or snowfall) induced by a corona discharge inside a cloud chamber

With Jingjing Ju, T.J. Wang, R.X. Li, S.Z. Du, H.Y. Sun & Y.H. Li. Snowfall induced by corona discharge (2016)

Developed pump spin orientation probe ultrafast spectroscopy, a new detection technique

With X. Li, D.H. Feng, H.F. Fong, T.Q. Jia, L. Deng & Z.R. Sun. Hole surface trapping dynamics directly monitored by electron spin manipulation in CdS nanocrystals. J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 5(24):4310-6, 2014

Developed the first method to generate intense high-order optical vortices that carry orbital angular momentum in extreme ultraviolet region

With X.M. Zhang, B.F. Shen, Y. Shin, X.F. Wang et al. Generation of intense high-order vortex harmonics.. Phys. Rev. Lett. 114(17), 2014

First to demonstrate fabrication of three-dimensional microfluidic channels with arbitrary length, and configurations inside glass by femtosecond laser direct writing

With Y. Liao, Y.F. Ju, L. Zhang, F. He, Q. Zhang, Y.L. Shen et al. Three-dimensional microfluidic channel with arbitrary length and configuration fabricated inside glass by femtosecond laser direct writing. Optics Lett. 35 (19):3225-7, 2010

With C.M. Zhang, Y.S. Huang, Y.X. Leng & R.X. Li. Tunable infrared laser femtosecond source and novel pulse clean technique (2010)

First measurement of the hyperbolic featured angularly resolved spectra of the X-shaped third harmonic generated in infrared femtosecond pulses pumped filament in air

With H. Xu, H. Xiong, S.L. Chin & H.Y. Sun. Third harmonic X-waves generation by filamentation of infrared femtosecond laser pulses in air (2009)

With J.T. Zhang, L.H. Bai, S.Q. Gong & D.S. Guo. A scaling law of photoionization in few cycle regime. Optics Express 15(12):7261-8, 2007

With H.F. Zhu, H.J. Gan, H.Y. Gao & J.W. Chen. Design of adjustable superresolving filters based on birefringent crystals. Appl. Optics 45(1):104-9, 2006

With H.F. Zhu, M.J. Yun, H.Y. Gao, H.J. Gan et al. Continuous radial superresolution filters with large focal depth. J. Modern Optics 53(10):1441-50, 2006

With Z.H. Zhou, I. Liu, Q. Yu & G.Y. Wang. Study on the combination of confocal scanning microscopy and defocusing imaging. Proceed. SPIE art. Nº 60260R (2006)

With Z.G. Ji, Y.X. Ling, Y.P. Deng et al. New method and instrument for accurately measuring internal between ultrashort pulses. Chin. Opt. Lett. 3(1):16-7, 2005

With J.T. Zang. A scaling law of photoionization in few-cycle limit (2005)

With C.P. Liu & S.Q. Gong. New mechanism of inducing electromagnetically-induced absorption. Proceed. Engineering (2004)

With D.S. Guo, J.T. Zhang, X.F. Li, P.M. Fu & R.R. Freeman. Practical scaling law for photoelectron angular distributions. Phys. Review A 68(4), 2003

With Y.X. Leng, X.D. Yang, H. Lu L.H. Lin et al. A multi-terawatt PCPA laser system (2002)

Proposed double-exposure holography for measuring phase information in x-ray fields

With H.Y. Gao, J.W. Chen & H.G. Xie. X-ray double exposure holography (2002)

With Z.Y. Wang & Z.Q. Wang. New theory for the treatment of a pulsed beam propagating through a grating pair. IEEE J. Quantum Electronics 37(1):1-11, 2001

With Y.Q. Liu & P.Z. Fan. Novel usage of a flat-field grating spectrograph (2000)

With J. Deng, F.C. Zhong, L. Qing, W.Q. Zhang & Z.Q. Zhang. Development of soft X-ray spectrograph for ultrashort pulse laser produced plasma diagnosis (1999)

Described the principle of time measurement for ultrashort laser pulse

With Y.M. Wang, X.D. Yang & Z.O. Zhang. Noise structure study on laser pulses by means of high dynamic range triple correlator (1999)

With G. Y. Wang, L.S. Yang & Z.J. Wang. New joint microscope with optical tomographic imaging function (1999)

With S.X. Hu & E.S. Fu. Proposal for efficiency enhancement of a far-infrared free-electron laser (1996)

Presented a new function of optical bistability in the information processing

With G. Zeng. Study on the output characteristics of optical bistability (1995)

With X.Y. Song, S.S. Han, X.P. Feng, Z.Q. Zhang & L.Q. Zhang. A novel crystal spectrometer in laser produced plasma diagnostic experiments (1995)

With J.W. Chen, Z.J. Wang, P.P. Zhu, T.Q. Xiao & L.G. Kou. New idea for recording x-ray holograms (1993)

With Z.F. Luo, L. Xu & S.D. Liang. General theory of spontaneous emission line sharpe of two atoms (1993)

Revealed a new phenomenon

With Z.F. Luo & L. Liu. Large index of refraction for a resonant light (1993)

Proposed a new configuration of double pulse laser heating for x-ray laser research

With X.F. Wang, S.S, Han, Z.M. Jiang, A. Qian, P.Z. Fan & Z.Q. Zhang. Enhanced ionization and population inversion with double-pulse laser heating (1993)