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Yuanzhu Xiong

Yuanzhu Xiong, Chinese zootechnician (Zhushan, Hubei Province July 1930 – Wuhan, Hubei Province 30 January 2017)

Published over 100 research papers

His team identified genes and molecular singnalling pathways for beneficial commercial traits, including lean meat and anti-stress factors

Invented and developed a set of advanced breeding methods and techniques for synchronized breeding of breed and line

Proposed a technology and a method of breeding and selection for specialized lines (1980)

Established a molecular biotechnology testing method using PCR-RFLP for accurate and rapid typing of porcine ryanodine receptor 1 (RYR1) gene


Lean Hubei white swine

Duroc X Hubei white swine (1970s)

DIV line

Hubei white swine (1986)