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Sishen Xie

Sishen Xie, Chinese nanoscientist (Qingdao, Shangdong Province 18 February 1942 –

Authored 250 papers with about 3,500 citations

Have reported a series of original research work aiming the fabrication, fundamental properties and applications of carbon nanotubes

First to achieve control growth or the diameter and orientation of carbon nanotubes

Discovered high Tc superconductors at nitrogen temperature (1989)

Synthesized a variety of high Tc superconducting oxides

Developed the technique of making pure carbon nanometer tube with chemical vapor. Science (1996)

Developed technique for manufacturing of super long directional nanometer carbon tubes. Nature (1998)

Fabricated strong and highly conducting single-walled nanotubes (SWNTs) films, fibers, SWNTs composite fibers and films (2007-11)

With Lianfeng Sun discovered a new technique for separating carbon nanotubes by means of charges named Coulomb explosion (2008)


With W.Y. Zhou, Q. Zhang & Y.C. Wang. Ultrathin carbon nano tube film and preparation method and apparatus thereof 20160347616 & 20160115030 (2014)