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Shepu Xue

Shepu Xue, Chinese cytologist (Xinhui, Guangdong Province 26 September 1917 – 10 March 2017)

Provided a theoretical basis for cell differentiation rules and its control

Created the cytosome hybrid model of reticulocyte and myeloma cell

First to discover that EDDF (erythrocyte differentiation denucleation factor) existed in mammalian red blood corpuscles

Found for the first time that the erythrocyte cytoplasm of mammalian contains adjustable genetic expression in erythrocyte that induces terminal differentiation and reverse malignant division of cancer, thus revealing the secret of natural denucleation of erythrocyte in the mammals and the dual-phase phenomenon of denucleation

Cloned the full length gene sequence of relevant factors during the period of terminal differentiation at different stages

Proposed a new concept of cancer treatment applied to prevent malignant division of cancer cell