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Ruren Xu

Ruren Xu, Chinese inorganic chemist (Shangyu, Zhejiang Province 16 March 1932 -

Internationally recognized expert in zeolites and related micro/nanoporous materials

Published more than 500 peer-reviewed papers and 10 books

With J.M. Thomas designed and prepared a range of novel single-site solid catalysts that opened up new routes for the production of important chemicals and pharmaceuticals

First to synthesize 6 series of new microporous crystals

Developed a hydrothermal synthetic route for high purity homogenous inorganic substances

Developed a series of molecular sieve liquid phase directing agents

Opened up a synthetic route for chain-like, layer-like and framework-like inorganic compounds with special structure in organic systems

With J.M. Thomas synthesized JDF-L1, the first synthetic material containing five-coordinate titanium in the pyramidal square

First to explore the solvothermal synthesis of aluminophosphates (1990s)


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