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Qinglai Xiong

Qinglai Xiong, Chinese mathematician (Maitse County, Yunnan Province 20 October 1893 – Beijing 03 February 1969)

Defined infinite function or Xiong infinite function

On infinite entire functions and meromorphic functions (1934)

Sur les fonctions entieres et les functions meromorphes d’ordre infini. J. Math. 14:233-308, 1935

Theorem of uniqueness relating to the theory of meromorphic functions. C.R. Acad. Sci. Paris 241:691, 1955

A fundamental inequality on theory of meromorphic functions and its applications. Acta Math. Sin. 8:430-55, 1958


Xiong’s infinity

Xiong’s infinite level

QL Xiong theorem

Inequality of QL Xiong

Proximate order of Hiong