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Kechang Xie

Kechang Xie, Chinese chemical engineer (Taiyuan, Shanxi Province 05 October 1946 –

Authored at least 420 papers and 5 books

Made great contribution to the understanding of relations between coal structure and reactivity

Developed a de-sulfurization agents and their applications in coal gasification

PATENTS (at least 25)

With Y. Tian, Y.Y. Qiao, J.H. Zhang & B. Tian a patent for oil shale or oil sand  downstream circulating bed millisecond pyrolysis refining device (2017)

With J.P. Zhang, Y.Q. Zhao, Y.F. Zhang, Y. Liang, L.X. Zhao, J. Zhou, Z.M. Liu & W.G. Du. CN103468273A (2013) 

With L.P. Chang, Z.Y. Zhang, X.R. Ren, X.F. Lu & F. Li. CN101280227A (2008)

With W. Huang, Z.H. Gao & L. Yin. A slurry catalyst and the preparation thereof. WO2008071059 (2007)

With B. Guo, L.P. Chang, M.Q. Miao & Z.L. Zhang. CN101177631A (2007)  

With D. Liang, F. Yu, J.J. Chen, J.H. Ma, R.F. Li, X.W. Zhang & Y. Wang. Spherical heteroatom mesopore molecular sieve and preparation method thereof. CN101157454A (2007)

CN100496722C (2007)

With W. Huang & X.H. Wang. Process for synthesizing acetic acid in heterogeneous catalysis system 00126596 (2000)