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Houze Xu

Houze Xu, Chinese geodesist and geophysicist (Shexian, Anhui Province 04 May 1934 -

Developed the high approximating high abnormity and unified approximating theory of plumb line deviation and truncation error estimation with limited conditions

Worked out a scheme of double pole plate system for the computation of astrogravimetric leveling

Gave the definition of latitudinal density and density flattening of the level ellipsoid and derived integral formulae of latitudinal density for pole gravity and equator gravity

With X.G. Hao & D.J. Liu. Earth’s density flattening and hypothesis of latitudinal normal density. Science in China Ser. D Earth Sci. 44(8):673-9, 2001

Proposed a new method for the determination of gravity tide parameters using wavelets

With L.T. Liu, H.P. Sun & X.H. Hao. Wavelet approach to the determination of gravity tide parameters. Science in China Ser. D Earth Sci. 43(2):158-65, 2000