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Dingchang Xian

Dingchang Xian, Chinese nuclear physicist (Guangzhou, Guandong Province 15 August 1935 –

With Junyan Chen et al. first to use synchrotron radiation for a non-destructive study of fossil internal structure (2006)

With X.D. Su, Y. Liang, L. Li et al. presented a large scale, high efficiency and low-cost platform for structural genomics studies (2006)

With C. Shi, Y. Jing, H.L. Lu & D.S. Li designed an in-vacuum multipole wiggler (2001)

With L.Y. Zhang presented a special case of non-detrapping variable parameter wiggler of free electron lasers (1991)

With X.H. He developed a cumulant variation method in lattice gauge field theory (1985)

Proposed EXAFS (extended x-ray absorption fine structure) experiment with squared radian x ray photo acoustics independently

Developed a method to calculate the relativistic invariant phase space in particle theory

Proposed an analytical continuation method for the calculation of wave function in 4D space-time 


With C.X. Wang. RADID, a software to calculate radiation distributions from insertion devices of one-dimensional linearly polarized magnetic fields (1990)

With Y. Lange & D. Li. BENT, a software for ray tracing of X rays on bent oblique cut crystals (1990)