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Zhexian Wan

Zhexian Wan, Chinese mathematician (Shandong 07 November 1927 –

Authored over 130 articles and 18 books

With L.P. Huang proved the fundamental theorem of 2x2 Hermitian matrices over any division ring of generalized quaternions of characteristic not two (2001)

Proved the fundamental theorems of the geometry of symmetric matrices over any field of characteristic two and not two (1994-6)

With Z. Dai, X. Feng & M. Liu obtained algorithms for synthesizing the nonlinear feedforward sequence of an m-sequence (1993)

Constructed an authentication code without arbitration from the subspace of the classical geometry (1992)

With Z.D. Dai established a relationship between the Berlekamp-Massey and the Euclidean algorithms for linear feedback shift register synthesis (1988)

With Y.X. Wang proved the fundamental theorem of the geometry of rectangular matrices over F2 (1962)

A graphical method for solving the transportation problem and its applications