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Zhan Wang

Zhan Wang, Chinese botanist and forester (Donggou County, Liaotung Province 04 May 1911 – 30 January 2000)

Proposed harvest and regeneration approaches accepted in modern forestry practices for ecosystem management



Philadelphus tsianschanensis 1958 with Li

Populus gansuensis 1982 with Yang

Populus haoana 1979 with Cheng

Populus hsinganica 1958 with Skvortsov

Populus kangdingensis 1979 with Tung

Populus mainlingensis 1979 with Tung

Populus ningshanica 1979 with Cheng

Populus pseudoglauca 1974 with Fu

Populus pseudomaximowiczii 1979 with Tung

Populus pseudotomentosa 1979 with Tung

Populus qamdoensis 1979 with Tung

Populus shanxiensis 1982 with Tung

Populus trinervis 1979 with Tung

Populus wuana 1979 with Tung

Populus xiangchengensis 1979 with Tung

Populus yatungensis with Fu

Populus yuana 1979 with Tung

Salix bangongensis 1979 with Fang 

Salix dalungensis 1974 with Fu 

Salix faxonianoides 1974 with Fu 

Salix gilashanica 1974 with Fu 

Salix kamanica 1974 with Fu 

Salix kongbanica 1974 with Fu 

Salix lasiopes 1974 with Fu 

Salix liouana 1980 with Yang  

Salix longistamina 1974 with Fu 

Salix nankingensis 1974 with Fu 

Salix paraheterochroma 1974 with Fu 

Salix paratetradenia 1974 with Fu 

Salix permollis 1974 with Yu 

Salix pilosomicrophylla 1974 with Fu 

Salix psammophila 1974 with Yang 

Salix pseudotangii 1974 with Yu 

Salix qinlingica 1985 with Chao 

Salix rhododendrifolia 1974 with Fu 

Salix sinopurpurea 1980 with Yang 

Salix yuhuangshanensis 1974 with Yu 

Salix zayunica 1974 with Fang  

Ulmus lamellosa 1979 with Chang

Ulmus pseudopropinqua 1958 with Li


One section, one subspecies, 15 forms and 62 varieties