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Raul Wernicke

Raul Ernesto Alberto Wernicke Rolda, Argentine physical chemist (Rosario 28 September 1888 – Magallanes Strait 22 September 1949)
From German ancestry
Authored 75 scientific works
Gained international recognition for his studies on oligodynamical activity of copper and silver and electrodyalisis method application to chemical, biochemical and biological problems

With Moisés Ginstein first crystallized the human serum albumin independent from Adair & Taylor (1935)

Crystallization of seroalbumin. Nature 136: 30, 1935.

Created a method for measuring minute tensions

With A. Sordelli. Um metodo de medida de pequeñas tensiones. Anal. Asoc. Quim. Arg. 1:8, 1913.

With A. Sordelli & V. Deulofeu characterized Forssman antigen as a lipidic complex associated to a carrier protein

Naturaleza del antigeno heterogenetico. Rev. Asoc. Med. Arg. 37:570, 1924

Sur la nature de l’antigéne hétérogénétique. C.R. Soc. Biol. Paris 92:898, 1925


With R. Birabén Losson developed a simple method for obtaining aurosols  in order to effect Lange reaction (1930-1)

Introduced improvements in insulin original preparation method 

Metodo de preparación de insulina. Rev.Asoc.Med.Arg. (Soc.Biol.) 37:89, 1924.
Invented device for use in electrodyalisis 

Developed a sensible method for pH determination of gastric juice

With V. Morera. Determinación del pH em jugo gástrico. Comparación de métodos. Primer Congr. Sudamer. Quim. 4:273, 1927.

Developed a hydrogen microelectrode

With F. Modern. Microelectrodo Del hidrogeno. Anal. Asoc. Quim. Arg. 17:91, 1929.  
Constructed potentiometrical measuring devices

See Ciencia e Investigación 7:569-76, 1951 (contains bibliography)