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Otto Wucherer

Otto Eduard Heinrich Wucherer, Brazilian physician and naturalist (Porto, Portugal 07 July 1820 – Salvador 07 May 1873)
From German father and Flemish mother 
Observed embryos of microfilariae in urine later named Wuchereria bancrofti (1866)
Described anatomical pathology of ainhum or Silva Lima disease 
Authored Sobre o modo de conhecer as cobras venenosas in Gazeta Medica da Bahia 17:193-6, 1867, translated and published in Europe 
Set up morphological rules to identifying poisonous snakes
Described typical symptoms of snake bite poisoning 
Predicted the serum therapy for snake bites
Described 2 new valid snake species: Atractus guentheri &  Xenopholis scalaris (1861) 


Wuchereria Silva Araújo 1877 (Nematoda)