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Hsien Wu

Hsien (Xian) Wu, US/Chinese biochemist (Fuzhou, Fujian, Qing 24 November 1893 – Boston 08 August 1959)

Authored 163 publications


First to propose that protein denaturation was a purely conformational change involving folding and unfolding of peptide chains

Studies on Denaturation of Proteins. XII. A theory of denaturation. Chinese Journal of Physiology 5(4):321-44, 1931. 


First to use labeled antigens for determining proteins in the presence of antibodies


Determined the quantitative relation of antibody-antigen combination


Proposed the theory of protein variation


Developed important methods with Otto Folin

With O. Folin. A revised colorimetric method for the determination of uric acid in urine. Jour. Biol. Chem. 38:459, 1919.

With O. Folin. A system of blood analysis. I. A simplified and improved method for the determination of sugar. Jour. Biol. Chem. 41:367, 1920. 


Codescribed Sia-Wu test

With R.H.P. Sia. Serum globulin in Kala Azar. Chin. Med. J. 35:527, 1921


Introduced modifications to Duboscq colorimeter



Folin-Wu method

Folin-Wu pipette or tube  

Folin-Wu reagent for determination of glucose