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Hengsheng Wang

Hengsheng Wang, Chinese geologist (Dingxian, Hebei Province 04 August 1901 – 21 September 2003)

Described the gravitational mechanism of liquid magma in the mineralization

With Yaomin Huang. The magmatic gravitational liquid differentiation and its significance bearing on the mineralization of stratified igneous rocks (1980)

Enunciated the chromite mineralization law

With Wenji Bai, Bingxi Wang & Yaochu Chai. Chromite deposits in China and their origin (1983)

With W.J. Bai & C.Y. Wan. A petro-chemical classification of basic and ultrabasic rocks (1978)

A method for the calculation of chemical analysis of basic and ultrabasic rocks. Acta Geol. Sinica 1 (1975)