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Guillermo Whittembury

Guillermo Whittembury Mendiola, Peruvian-born Venezuelan renal physiologist and biophysicist  (Trujillo, La Libertad Department 17 November 1929 – Puno 20 November 2016) 


With M. Echevarría, R. Ramírez Lorca, C.S. Hernandez et al. identified a new water channel in the Malpighian tubules of the insect Rhodnius prolixus (2001)

Discovered a new mechanism for regulation of cellular volume in the proximal renal tubules with co-transport of Na+K+2Cl

With F. Proverbio observed two modes of Na extrusion in cells of guinea pig kidney (1970)

With J. Fishman proposed a second Na pump in kidney (1969)

Collaborated to a standardized nomenclature for structures of the kidney (1987)

Proposed a significant paracellular water flow in leaky epithelia

With other authors established lateral intercellular spaces and tight junctions as sites for paracellular pathway for ion and water transport (1971)

With A.K. Solomon, Windhager & Schatzmann first to demonstrate passive reabsorption of water and active reabsorption of Na into renal tubules (1958-9)

With C. Monge & A. Cazorla first to study the pulmonary blood volume in altitude inhabitants (1950s)


Developed a method for measuring diffusive permeability to water and ions into renal tubules

With P. Carpi Medina, B. Lindemann & E. Gonzalez described a new method to measure time-dependent volume changes in proximal straight tubules (1984)

Developed South American solution for kidney maintenance

With J. Morales, M. Perez-Gonzalez & H. Acquatella. Ionic and histological changes in the kidney after perfusion and storage for transplantation: use of high Na-versus high K-containing solutions. Transplantation 14(4):480-9, 1972