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Darashaw Nosherwan Wadia

Darashaw Nosherwan Wadia, Indian geologist and stratigrapher (Surat, Gujrat State 25 October 1883 – 15 June 1969)

World renowned for his researches on Himalayan geology

Co-described fossil Amphibian species Lysipterygium risinense 1928 with Swinton


Natural occurrences of uranium and thorium in India

Three superimposed peneplains of Ceylon

Desiccation of Central Asia. Everyday Sci. 2:273-5, 1954

The support of Himalayas

Structure of the Himalayas and of the North Indian Foreland (1938)

Cretaceous Volcanic Series in the Great Himalayan Range of Kashmir. Rec. Geol. Surv. Ind LXXXII (2), 1937  

Tectonic relations of the Himalayas with the North Indian Foreland (1937)

Cambrian-Trias sequence of Kashmir. Rec. Geol. Surv. Ind LXVIII (2), 1934

Geology of Nanga Parbat and Gilgit District. Rec. Geol. Surv. Ind LXVI (2), 1932

Syntaxis of North-Western Himalayas: its rocks, tectonics and orogeny. Rec. Geol. Surv. Ind LXV (2), 1931 

Palaeoclimates of Kashmir Region

The Geology of India (1919)


Correspondent Member, Geological Society of America

Back Award, Royal Geographical Society, London (1934)

Lyell Medal, Geological Society of London (1943)

Leopold Von Buch Award, German Geological Society (1960)

Genera (Fossil)

Wadiapites Biswas 1962 (Sporae)

Wadiasaurus Chowdhury 1970 (Reptilia)