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Chien-shiung Wu

Chien-Shiung Wu, Chinese-born US nuclear physicist (Luihe, Jiangsu Province 31 May 1912 – New York City 16 February 1997)
Recognized as an authority in beta decay 

Established parity violation and the symmetry of charge conjugation independent from others authors

With E. Ambler, D.D. Hoppes, R.P. Hudson & R.W. Hayward. Experimental test of parity conservation in beta decay. Phys.Rev. 105:1413, 1957. 
With Y.K. Lee & L.W. Mo confirmed experimentally the conservation of the vector current in nuclear beta decay (1963)
Observed polarized electromagnetic radiation is released on electron-positron annihilation and proved that electron and positron displays positive parity  


First woman to receive an honorary doctorate at Princeton University

First living scientist to have an asteroid named after (Wu Chien-Shiung 2752)

Wolf Prize in Physics (1978)  

Physics Nobel Prize nominee