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Valentinuzzi family

Maximo Valentinuzzi, Argentine biophysicist (Río Cuarto 07 August 1907 – Buenos Aires 10 December 1985)

From Italian parents 

Authored about 50 papers

Introduced a novel explanation of visual perceptions triggered by strong magnetic fields

Proposed the theory of magnetophosphenes in American Journal of Medical Electronics 1(3):112-21, 1962

Authored Magnetobiology and components of magnetochemistry (1961), which laid the foundations of modern magnetobiology


The organs of equilibrium and orientation as a control system (1979)

With O. Pompeiano. A mathematical model for the mechanism of rapid eyes movement induced by an anticholinesterase in the decerebrate rat. Arch. Ital. Biologie 114:103-54, 1976 

With M.E. Valentinuzzi. Information content of chemical structures and some possible biological applications. Bull. Math. Biophys. 24, 1962

A mathematical interpretation of motor reactions to fixed and moving stimulation of the eye. Bull. Math. Biol. 21:327-41, 1959

Contribución al estudio físico de la contracción uterina. Doctoral Thesis. Facultad Ciencias Medicas, Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires (1950)

On a mathematical expression of the myograph (in Spanish). Rev. Med. Latino-Amer. 23(270):3-25, 1938



His son, Maximo Eugenio Valentinuzzi Mazzulli, bioengineer (Buenos Aires 24 February 1932 –

Authored more than 140 papers


With E.F.Treo, C.J. Felice, M.C. Tirado & D.O. Cervantes. Hematocrit measurement by dielectric spectroscopy. IEEE Trans. Biomed. Eng. 52:124, 2005

With E.F. Treo & M.C. Herrera. Algorithm for identifying and separating beats from arterial pulse records.  Biomed. Eng. On Line 1, 2005

With M.E. Spinelli, C.J. Felice, M.A. Mayorsky & J.C. Politti. A correlation technique for muscle fiber action potential conduction velocity measurement using a single acquisition channel (1998)

With I.Y. Godínez Zavala & G. Mata Hernandez. Modificaciones al algoritmo de Thakor para detectar fibrilación ventricular (1995)

With N.M. Patiño. Reconstruction algorithm for electrical impedance tomography based on the linear approximation method (1995)

With G.V. Savino & E. Ruiz. Two methods for estimating transventricular impedance during fibrillation (1981)

With B.J. Stogdill, J.P. Rosborough, S. Deavers & H.D. Millar. A technique for estimating aortic compliance in dogs. Fed. Proc. 36(3):513, 1977 

With H.E. Hoff & L.A. Geddes. A two compartment model for the release and action of acetylcholine in the heart. Circ. Res. 33(5):532-8, 1973

With M.E. Valentinuzzi & J.A. Posey. Dilution curve area: fast estimation by a compartmental procedure. J. Assoc. Advanc. Med. Instrum. 6(5):335-43, 1971

A mathematical model of the electrocardiography QT-RR relationship. Med. Biol. Eng. 9(4):255-61, 1971 

A mathematical model of the hepatic portal system. Med. Biol. Eng. 9(3):213-20, 1971   

With L.A. Geddes & L.E. Baker. The law of impedance pneumography. Med. Biol. Eng. 9(3):157-63, 1971 

With L.A. Geddes & L.E. Baker. A simple mathematical derivation of the Stewart-Hamilton for the determination of cardiac output. Med. Biol. Eng. 7(3):277-82, 1969 


With N.M. López, N. de Diego, R. Hernandez, E. Pérez & G. Ensinck. Customized device for pediatric upper limb rehabilitation in obstetric brachial palsy. A case study. Am. J. Phys. Med. Rehab. (2013)

With R.E. Madrid & C.J. Felice. Automatic on-line analyzer of microbial growth using simultaneous measurements of impedance and turbidity. Med. Biol. Eng. Comput. 37(6):789-93, 1999 

With R.J. Martínez, M.C. Herrera, C.J. Felice & E. Ruiz. Virtual dispositif for direct measurement of aortic entry impedance (1997)

With R.J. Martínez, J.M. Olivera & C.J. Felice. Hydraulic analyzer for catheter transducer systems (1994)

With C.J. Felice, O.E. Clavin, J.C. Spinelli & B.del V. Gallo. Low cost digital impedance meter for the detection of micro-organisms. J. Biomed. Eng. 10:448-52, 1988

With M.C. Herrera, O.E. Clavin & J.C. Spinelli. Multichannel tetrapolar admittance meter for intracardiac measurements (1984)

With S.G. Guillén. Automated processor of dilution curves (1979)

With G.V. Savino, O.E. Clavin & S.G. Guillén. Capacity cardiac defibrillator thyristor-controlled (1978) 

With O.E. Clavin. Impendancímetro biologico de alta linealidad (Biological impedance meter of high linearity). Acta Physiol. Latinoamer. 7:215-30, 1977

With E. Martínez Santos & J. Santos. Desarrollo de un medidor neumatico de distancias (Development of a distance pneumatic gauge). Anales Soc. Cient. Arg. 181:81-93, 1966


Nightingale Prize of Bioengineering, IFMBE & BES (1973)

Career Achievement Award, IEEE & EBMS (1996)

Life Member, IEEE (1999)