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Vaccarezza family

Oscar Andrés Vaccarezza Chiesa, Argentine physician (Alberti, Buenos Aires Province 26 October 1905 – Buenos Aires 16 January 1982)

Developed a modification of Finocchietto paradoxal incision

Created thoracocavernostomy (1953)

Procedimiento quirurgico em el tratamiento de los quistos hidáticos del pulmón. Arch. Int. Hidatid. (Surgical procedure for treatment of pulmonary hydatid) 

Aparato electrico para la aspiracíon continua de cavidades (Electric device for continuous aspiration of cavities)

Toracoplastia anterior por via interpectoral (modificación a la técnica de Graf-Schmidt-Abelberger). Anales Cat. Pat. Clin. Tuberc. 1:111-23, 1939

His cousin, Raul Francisco Ladislao Vaccarezza Rilla, Argentine surgeon (27 June 1893 – 27 May 1981)

Sobre un signo estetacustico en la esclerosis pulmonar difusa. (About a stethacoustic sign in diffuse pulmonar sclerosis.) Rev. Pal. Infec. Tub. 2(7), 1938

With A. Soubrié. El síndrome de la obstrucción bronquial com filtración aérea (syndrome of bronchial obstruction  with air filtration). Prensa Med. Arg. 35:1527, 1948

Inyección intratraqueal de lipiodol, método empleado. (Intratracheal injection of lipiodol, employed method). Prensa Med. Arg. 18, 1978  

Developed a trocar with conic mandril

Eponym of Vaccarezza valves

A relative, Jorge Raul Vaccarezza Perez, physiopathologist (Buenos Aires 14 July 1929 – Buenos Aires 07 November 2003)

With D.C. Ruiz & A.C. Domínguez. Colorimetric method for measuring pseudocholinesterase, acetylcholinesterase and whole blood cholinesterase. Its use in the presumptive diagnosis of cancer (1969)

With J.A. Willson & A.A. Bochi. A new test for presumptive diagnosis of neoplastic disease. Further investigations of cholinesterase in plasma, whole blood, and blood cells on cancer of the lung, extrapulmonary tumors and tuberculosis. Chest 49(5):449-58, 1966   

A relative, Rodolfo Agustín Vacarezza Ottonello, phthisiologist and sanitarist (Alberti, Buenos Aires Province 16 November 1894 – Buenos Aires 16 June 1970)
Eponym of  Vaccarezza curves (1934) and Vaccarezza reaction both of them for tuberculosis