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Telemaco Hippolyto de Macedo Van Langendonck

Telêmaco Hippolyto de Macedo Van Langendonck, Brazilian structural engineer (Bagé, Rio Grande do Sul State 02 April 1909 – 09 February 1994)

From Belgian and Portuguese descent

Son in law of physician Adolpho C. Lindenberg

First to determine the deck contribution on arch bridges resistance (1942)

Showed the influence of elastic and slow deformations on determining the resistance to buckling (1945)

First to take account loading in reduced area on concrete

Proposed employing orthogonal functions for solving torsion problems creating many algorithms for calculating the moments of inertia to the torsion and moments of resistance to the torsion

Funções ortogonais na resolução de problemas da teoria da elasticidade (1952) with international acclaim

First to propose Heaviside step-function in solving problems at building statics

Discussion of the application of Heaviside’s step-function to beam problems. Proceed. ASCE (1953)

First in the world to introduce the calculation of concrete plastificaction as a technical norm (1937) before German engineers (1972)

Proposed simplified formulae that enable the coefficients calculation of slow deformation and concrete shrinkage as a function of time  

Enunciated elementary theory of elastic joints (1975)

Developed a iterative process for determining buckling load in lattice portal and buildings 

Critical loads of building frame. Mémoires da AIPC (1975), a very worldwide used for structural calculations

Developed computer program named Flampor for calculating buckling load in HP-41 pocket calculators 

Eponym of Van Langendonck process


Tabelas para o cálculo de carga de flambagem de barra reta isostática de secção variável (1953) e Carga axial de flambagem de barras retas de secção variável, with international repercussion and they were reproduced under the title Eine Numerische Lösung des Knickproblems   

A study about partially buried piles and bridges by ABCP de São Paulo (1957) later translated into French

Critical loads of building frame. Mémoires da AIPC, a very worldwide used for structural calculations 

Cálculo de Concreto Armado (1944-54)

Teoria Elementar das Charneiras plásticas (1970), quoted in a number of international publications about concrete


Honorary Member, American Concrete Institute (1974) & Académie Royale des Sciences d’Outre-Mer, Belgium 

Main Bibliography

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