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Rustom Jal Vakil

Rustom Jal Vakil, Indian cardiologist (Mumbai 17 July 1911 – Mumbai 20 November 1974)

Authored 380 publications between papers and case reports

First reported the therapeutical application of Rauwolfia serpentina in cases of human hypertension (1940)

Suggested useful drug combinations for the management of severe forms of hypertension (1954)

Defined new clinical signs of diagnostic value in ventricular aneurysms (1955)

Authored probably the first case of fusion beat in conjunction with repetitive paroxysmal ventricular tachycardia associated with normal sinus rhythm (1957)

Suggested the use of anticoagulant therapy as a routine measure for pre infarction syndrome (1962)

Described transitory pulsation in coronary thrombosis (1956) and subacute pulmonary edema (1967)

Described hexalogy of the heart, giant cell arteritis in aortic regurgitation and gummatous forms of rat-bite fever

Suggested the term pre thrombotic syndrome


International Albert Lasker Award (1959)