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Reinaldo Vanossi Dupont

Reinaldo Vanossi Dupont, Argentine analytical chemist (Esperanza, Santa Fe 16 January 1897 - Buenos Aires 22 October 1974)
Son of Italian father and French mother 

Vanossi's reaction - a microchemical reaction for detecting mercury  
First in the world to use liquid-liquid extractions  

Developed a formula for computing salinity in function of electric resistivity in mineral waters 

Designed simple methodologies for identifying and isolating compounds from complex mixtures 

Dispositivo para la técnica con electrodo gotero de mercúrio (polarografia de Heyrovsky). Anales Soc. Cien. Arg. (1939) (an improved arrangement for polarograph) 

With D.J. Bengolea. Voltimetro a valvula “doble triodo” GC:8-G, para medir la FEM de pilas de alta y baja resistencia. Anales Soc. Cien. Arg. (1940)

Determinación de micro y semimicrocuantidades de zircônio. Metodo general separativo y aplicación de la quercetina. Anales Soc. Cien. Arg (1964)   


Dissolved oxygen in waters. Anales Soc. Quím. Arg. 9: 235-245, 1921.
The electrical conductivity and residue of natural waters. Anales Soc. Quim. Arg. 10: 21-33, 1922.
La industria del yodo. Anales Soc. Cient. Arg. 118: 1934.
An apparatus for measurements with the dropping mercury electrode. Anales Soc. Quim. Arg. 54: 1937.
Elektrode und Gefässelektrode für Potentiometrie.  Anales Asoc. Quim. Arg. 25: 1937.
Electroanalysis by the dropping mercury electrode. Chemia (Buenos Aires). 11: 165-207, 1940. 
Identification du rhodium et de l'iridium. Chimie Analytique. 35-36:1953. 
Separation and identification of some elements whose chloride are extractable with ethyl acetate. Anales Soc. Quím. Arg. 43: 151-172, 1955.
La identificación del wolframio. Anales Asoc. Quím. Arg.

A good source of information about him is in (in Spanish)