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Prahlad Chunilal Vaidya

Prahlad Chunilal Vaidya, Indian physicist (Shahapur, Junagarh District, Gujarat State 23 March 1918 – Ahmedabad, Gujarat State 08 April 2010)

Developed Vaidya metric or solution for a radiating star (1942)

A generalized Kerr-Schild solution of Einstein’s equation (1973)

With L.K. Patel presented a method of obtaining solutions of Einstein field equations (1999)


The external field of a radiating star in general relativity. Curr. Science 12:183, 1943

The gravitational field of a radiating star. Proceed. Indian Acad. Sci. A 33:264, 1951

“Newtonian” time of general relativity. Nature 171 (4345):260, 1953


Vaidya blackhole

Vaidya-Tikeker space-time metric (1982)

Vaidya spacetime (1951)

Vaidya region

Vaidya horizons 

Vaidya matrix