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Pablo Valenzuela Valdés

Pablo de Tarso Rafael Antonio Valenzuela Valdés, Chilean biomedical researcher and manager (Santiago de Chile 13 June 1941 -

With biochemist William Rutter & Edward Penhoet the biotechnology company Chiron Corporation in United States (1981)

Co-discovered the hepatitis C virus

Sequenced the hepatitis B, AIDS, delta hepatitis and salmon’s infectious pancreatic necrosis viruses

Sequenced totally Piscirickettsia salmonis genome


The world’s first recombinant vaccine (against hepatitis B virus) in 1981

Blood banking tests

The first blood test for hepatitis C virus

New technologies for expression of recombinant viral antigens

A number of viral antigens used in vaccines and blood diagnostic tests

A new technology for production of foreign proteins in yeasts such as human insulin and human growth factor

Probes and monoclonal antibodies for detecting pathogens in salmon eggs

Vaccines for salmon aquiculture

Technologies for diagnosis and control for a number of viruses that attack grapevines

Over 40 patents


Doctor Honoris Causa, Université du Bordeaux (2005)

Lifetime Achievement Award, Bay Bio Association of California (USA) 2013

Gold Medal, World Intellectual Property Organization (2015)