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Miguel Angel Virasoro

Miguel Angel Virasoro Regnasco, Argentine theoretical physicist (Buenos Aires 09 May 1940 – Buenos Aires 23 July 2021)


With R. Baviera. A method that reveals the multi-level ultrametric tree hidden in p-spin glass like systems. J. Statis. Mech. Theory Exper. (2015)

With M. Campellone & G. Parisi introduced a method to calculate the finite volume corrections to the mean Field results for the free energy when replica symmetry is broken at one step in J. Statis. Phys (2009)

With S. Franz showed that the relaxation of “thermo-remnant magnetization” follows a generalized version of the Onsager regression postulate of induced fluctuations in J. Phys. A Gen. Phys (2000)

With M. Mezard & G. Parisi. SK Model: the Replica Solution without replicas. Europhys. Lett. (1986)

With G. Parisi, M. Mezard, N.Sourlas & G. Toulouse discovered the ultrametric organization of low temperature spin glass states in infinite dimensions (1984)

Variational principle for two-dimensional incompression hydrodynamics and quasigeostrophic flows. Phys. Rev. Letters (1981)

With F. Gliozzi & T. Regge showed that gauge fields can be seen as phonon excitations in a condensate of dual strings in Phys. Letters B (1979)

Simple dual-resonance model for inclusive reactions. Phys. Review (1971)

With K. Kikkawa, S.A. Klein & B. Sakita presented a general formulation of duality theory including nonplanar Feynman-like diagrams (1970)

Dicovered finite dimension algebras that bears his name (1969)

Generalization of Veneziano’s formula for the five-point function. Phys. Rev. Letters (1969)

With D. Amati, R. Iengo, H.R. Rubinstein et al established a “scale-law” for different form factors and the dependence on the spin of the hadron (1968)


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