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Jose Vallega

José Vallega, Italian/Argentine plant pathologist (Genoa 29 May 1909 - Rome 10 April 1978)

Authored over 200 scientific papers

Studied physiological races of the rusts of cereals and flax

With G. Garcia Rada, W.Q. Loegering & E.C. Stakman. An usually virulent race of wheat stem rust, Nº 189. Phytopathology 32:720-6, 1942


Santa Fe (oat)

Dos nuevas selecciones de trigo de origen hibrido inmunes a Puccinia glumarum. Rev. Fac. Agron. 22(1):139-45, 1937

With G. Zitelli. New selections of durum wheat bred in Italy for resistance to the principal races of stem and leaf rusts.

With G. Zitelli. New high yielding Italian durum wheat varieties (1973)

With G. Zittelli, B.M. Mariani & E. Biancolatte. A durum wheat of high protein content useful for breeding purposes (1978)


E.C. Stakman Award, University of Minnesota (USA) 1960