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Jose Ribeiro do Valle

José Ribeiro do Valle, Brazilian pharmacologist (Guaxupé, Minas Gerais State 15 August 1908 – São Paulo 19 December 2000)

Demonstrated the presence of yellow bodies of ovary in non-venomous ovoviviparous snakes and reported original observations about endocrine glands in these vertebrates

With P.R. Souza. Observações sobre o sistema endócrino dos ofídios. Rev. Bras. Biol. 2:81-8, 1942

Demonstrated the presence of androgens in testicles and estrogen in ovaries of Crotalidae

With Luiz A. Ribeiro do Valle. Gonadal hormones in snakes. Science 97(2522):400, 1943

First observed the triple effect, an early indication of reactive vasoconstrictor in peripheral vascular beds following 9-THC injection

With S.W. Siqueira & A.J. Lapa. The triple effect induced by Δ 9-tetrahydrocannabinol on the rat blood pressure. Europ. J. Pharmacol. (1979)

Proposed relative responsiveness or rho ratio a new parameter for classification of receptor system, which measures the capability of a receptor system to induce a maximal contraction after saturation by a full agonist

With A. Jurkiewicz, N.H. Jurkiewicz & G.G. Barros. Relative responsiveness (ρ) of pharmacological receptor systems in the rat vas deferens. Pharmacology 2:89-99, 1969

Proposed a model of mice cage named EPM

With J. Leal Prado. Modelo prático de gaiola para ratos em experimentação. Cien. Cult. 1:116, 1949

Authored important studies about the action of hormones on motricity of genital muscles

Farmacologia do Canal Deferente e da Vesícula seminal de cobaia (Papel dos hormônios sexuais)

With L.C.U. Junqueira. Motility and pharmacological reactivity of genitals of vitamin E deficiente rats. Endocrinology 40:316-21, 1940

With T.H. & A. Porto. Contractilite et reactions pharmacologiques des canaux deferents et des vesicules des rats castres et traites par les hormones sexuelles. Comptes Rendus des Seances de la Societe de Biologie et de (1938)

With T.H. Martins. Contractilite, survie et pharmacologic in vitro de l'epididyme humain, Compt. rend. Soc. biol. 129: 1152, 1938.

With T.H. Martins. Contractilite et pharmacologie comparee in vitro des canaux deferents de Macacus rhesus normaux, castres ou injected d'hormones sexuelles'. C. R. Soc. Biol, Paris, 129:1122-5 (1938)

With T.H. Martins. Endocrine control of the motility of the male accessory genital organs. Endocrinology 25:80-90 (1939)


Proposed using pigeons with crop fistula for quantitative assay of prolactin

Test para a prolactina baseado em frottis da mucosa do papo de pombo (1937)

Ovarian hyperemia in the immature rat as a pregnancy test in equids. Proc. Soc. Exp. Biol. Med. 66(2):352-4, 1947

With Z. P. Picarrelli, R. Kupper, E.S. Prado & J.L. Prado. Assay of renin and hypertension with the isolated guinea-pig ileum. Circ. Res. 2(4):354-8, 1954 

With J. Leal Prado developed a method or test for pregnandiol (Leal-Valle method)


Honorable Mention, American Psychological Association for his work

With T. Martins. Hormonal regulation of the micturition behavior of the dog. J. Comp. Phys. Psych. 41(5):301-11, 1948


His second spouse Zuleika Pentone Picarelli Ribeiro do Valle, pharmacologist (São Paulo 02 May 1926 – São Paulo 03 April 2016)

With J.H. Gaddum discovered the existence of multiple serotoninergic receptors (1956)

With J. Gaddum first classified and recognized distinct 5-HT receptors called M & D (1957)

With J. Ribeiro do Valle wrote a book chapter about the venom from bristles of urticant caterpillars in Venomous animals and their venoms from W. Bucherl & E. Buckley (1971)