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Ivany Valio

Ivany Ferraz Marques Valio, Brazilian plant physiologist (Piraju, São Paulo State 27 February 1938 – Campinas, São Paulo 10 April 2019)

Identified and isolated the lunalaric acid, natural growth inhibitor in algae and bryophytes

With W.W. Schwabe & R.S. Burden. New natural growth inhibitor in the liverwort Lunularia crucata (L) Dum. Nature 223:1176-8, 1969

With T.O. Inemani & E.G. Magalhães. Detection and identification of a germination inhibitor in Myroxylon peruiferum L.f. seeds (1984)

First report to focus on the role of diaspore banks of bryophytes in tropical rain forests

With A.S. Maciel Silva & H. Rydin. Diaspore bank of bryophytes in tropical rain forests: the importance of breeding system, phylum and microhabitat. Oecologia 168(2):321-33, 2012