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Gerardo Vaca Guzmán

Gerardo Vaca Guzmán Moyano, Bolivian chemist and physician (Chuquisaca, Sucre 03 October 1849 – Tarija 17 August 1915)

Invented a new procedure for extraction of silver from minerals

Invented a procedure for treatment of argentiferous minerals with high content of lead and zinc employing precipitation (patented in USA)

Other inventions about the use of argentiferous minerals involved the metallurgical techniques of silver

Performed chemical and therapeutical analysis of Bolivian medicinal plants

Descripción del procedimiento de extracción de la sacarida contenida en la semila del molle (Description of extraction procedure of saccharide from Schinus molle seed)

Developed a special diastase for production of maize chicha (a corn drink)