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Geraldo Vicentini

Geraldo Vicentini, Brazilian chemist (São Paulo 04 April 1928 - São Paulo 08 February 2003)

Gained international recognition on Coordination chemistry of lanthanides

Published 286 papers (186 in indexed reviews), 358 communications in meetings and circa 1.300 citations


With A.K. Kontturi, K. Kontturi, J. Mattos, L.B. Zinner, F. Lehrich, C.J. Nielsen, D.L. Powell & M. Traetteberg. Determination of effective charge numbers for a polydisperse polyelectrolyte. An improvement which shortens the measuring time. Acta Chem. Scandinavica (1988)

Eine allgemeine method zur Darstellung organischer Telluride. Chem. Berichte (1958)


With J.D. Ayala, G. Bombieri & A. Pra. Synthesis and crystal structure of a new polynuclear lanthanum picrate complex with trans1,4-dithiane-1,4 dioxide. Inorg. Chim. Acta 274:236-8, 1997

With J.D. Ayala & G. Bombieri. Scandium picrate complex with trans-1,4 dithiane-1,4-dioxide (1995)