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Daniel Alberto Valencio

Daniel Alberto Valencio, Argentine geophysicist (Buenos Aires 16 June 1928 – Buenos Aires 25 May 1987)

Authored 147 papers and 3 books

Internationally well known for his research contributions in palaeomagnetism and geotectonics

Obtained the South American polar wandering curve

With K.M. Creer & B.J.J. Embleton. Comparison between the upper Palaeozoic and Mesozoic palaeomagnetic poles for South America, Africa and Australia. Earth Planet Sci. Lett. 7(3):288-92, 1969

Papers in Nature

With J.F.A. Vilas. Age of the separation of South America and Africa. Nature 223 (1353), 1969

With J.F.A. Vilas. Palaeomagnetism of some middle Jurassic lavas from South East Argentina. Nature 255 (5229):262-4, 1970