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Carlos Manuel Varsavsky

Carlos Manuel Varsavsky, Jewish Argentine astrophysicist (Buenos Aires 28 April 1933 – 01 March 1983)
Predicted the abundance of molecular hydrogen in interstellar clouds (confirmed later)

His doctoral thesis about atomic transitions in astrophysics was a standard work for decades

The Calculation of absolute line strengths in atomic spectra. Doctoral Thesis, Harvard University (1958)  



The origin of tektites. Nature 181:173, 1958

Dynamical limits on a lunar origin for tektites. Geochim.Cosmochim.Acta 14:291, 1958

Radial velocities and three-color light-curves of some RR Lyrae variables. Astrophys. Journal 131:623, 1960

The gravitational contraction times of stars in very young clusters. Astrophys. Journal 132(2):354-60, 1960

Some Atomic Parameters for Ultraviolet Lines. Astrophys. Journal Suppl. Ser. 6(53):75-108, 1961

Excitation cross-sections for highly ionized atoms. Proc. 5th Intern. Conf. Ionizat. Phenomena in Gases, Munich, Germany, 1961

With G.W. Preston & H. Spinrad. The Light and Radial-Velocity Variations of Tu Ursae Majoris. Astrophys. Journal 133(2):484-92, 1961

With F. Grafton & V.G.L.Poppel. Some models of internal structure of sub-dwarfs. Ann. Astrophys. 25(4):261-7, 1962  

Atomic parameters for five times ionized oxygen. Planet. Space Science Journal 11, 1963

With S.L.Garzoli. The distribution of hydrogen in a region in Taurus. Astrophys. Journal 145:79, 1966

Detectability of molecular hydrogen in interstellar space. Space Sci. Rev. 5(3):419-34, 1966

Radio sources in the vicinity of source m31. Science 158(3804):1043-5, 1967

With J.E. Breñaza. Calculo teorico y determinación empirica del coeficiente de absorción de La radiación continua em La fotosfera solar. Publicaciones del Conicet. 9-38, 1968

Dust and Atomic Hydrogen in interstellar space. Astrophys. Journal 153:627, 1968

With R.J. Quiroga. Peculiarities in the rotation curve of the galaxy. Boletín Asoc. Arg. Astron. 14:1968

With R.F. Colomb. Radio emission associated with peculiar galaxies of the Arp catalogue. Boletín Asoc. Arg. Astron. 14:72, 1968

With H. Fernandez Gianotti & R.J. Quiroga. Absorption effects in six H II Regions. Astrophys. Space Science 17(1):126-33, 1972

His cousin, Oscar Alberto Varsavsky, Argentine mathematician (Buenos Aires 18 January 1920 – Buenos Aires 17 December 1976)

Recognized as one othe world’s leading researchers in application of mathematical modelling to social sciences and economy

With Aniceto Monteiro introduced the notion of monadic Heyting algebras

Algebras de Heyting monadicas (1957)


Relations triples dans les programmes lineaires generalizes (1965)

Une topologie tauberienne (1960)

Quantifiers and equivalence relations. Rev. Matem. Cuyana 2(1):29-51, 1958

Los fundamentos de la Estadistica Cuantica (1949)

The reciprocal iterated limit theorem

Sobre los postulados de la mecanica cuantica

Sobre la definición de vacío de Schwinger

Ergodic theorem in quantum mechanics