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Benito Viñes

Carlos Benito José Viñes Martorell, Spanish-born Cuban meteorologist (Poboleda, Tarragona, Spain 19 September 1837 – La Habana 23 July 1893)
Regarded as world’s foremost authority on tropical cyclones
Authored 14 papers and 2 books

Enunciated 8 laws about cyclones being 2 laws of tropical cyclonic circulation and 6 laws of hurricane movement between them:  

. Cyclonic rotation in Northern Hemisphere is in counterclockwise

. Relates the latitude in which cyclone recurves in according to date of season

. The normal direction of tracks in distinct dates and latitudes

. About translational velocities of cyclones

Investigaciones relativas a la Circulación y Traslacion Ciclonica de las Antillas (Cyclonic Circulation and Translatory Movement of Western Indian Hurricanes) 1895  
Performed the first three-dimensional description of cyclones
Established parabolic shaped cyclonic track
Realized that the thin veil of cirrostratus clouds visible on the outer edges of a tropical cyclone was caused by the outflow of winds at high altitudes
Proposed a set of rules indicating the most likely geographically routes taken by storms during different phases of the hurricane season  
Authored Ley General de las Correntes Ciclonicas (General law of Cyclonic Currents)
Invented cyclonoscope and cyclononephescope  
Demonstrated a method of cyclonic prediction based on observation of cirrus and other kinds of clouds
Presented the first notification of a tropical cyclone documented in history (1875)