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Antonio Vivacqua Filho

Antonio Vivacqua Filho, Brazilian inventor (Cachoeiro do Itapemirim, Espirito Santo State 1915-?)
INVENTIONS (more than 60) 

Artificial milk and creams

Meat shredding technique

Technique of breaking and mechanical separation of coconuts

Process for brandy’s deodorization and electronic aging

Process for protecting seals, checks and documents against falsification

An improved process for partial production of animal fats

A Synthetic carbide

An original process for obtaining soluble coffee

An process of hydrogenising under pressure oleaginous seeds and fruits  
A furnace for carbonization and distillation of wood, babassu, etc. (1983)
A portable device for detecting suffocant gases

Synthetic tissue for employ as substitute for human skin

Electronic device for immunization of cereal plants

Perfected a distillation process for melioration of babassu coconut

With R.G. Pedrazzi. A process for fabrication of the soya milk (1977)

A method for production of fuels from babassu and other plants 

With M. Almeida & J. Baptista. New process for wood carbonization including byproducts utilization

Vivacqua Filho process for use of babassu products 

With J.E.R. Marins, J.B. Correa Filho & P.V. de Biase. Combustion engine and apparatus for catalytic transformation of alcohol and hydrocarbons and its admixtures into fuel gases (1981) DE19823206985