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Manuel Uribe Troncoso

Manuel Uribe Troncoso, Mexican / US ophthalmologist (Toluca 17 June 1876 – New York 21 January 1959)
Considered as world authority on eye physiology and diseases
Authored over 170 papers
Authored important studies about iridocorneal angle
First to study aqueous humor circulation in living animals and the influence of its chemical constitution

Described the basal layer of iris processes 



Suggested new techniques for treatment of glaucoma

Described cyclodyalisis with implantation of magnesium

Cyclodyalisis with insertion of a metal implant in the treatment of glaucoma: A preliminary report. Arch. Ophth. 23:270-300, 1940
New methods of examination of the angle of the anterior chamber. Arch. Ophthal. 50:364, 1921


A monocular self-iluminating gonioscope (1925)
A binocular gonioscope (1942)
A binocular corneal microscope
A “demonstration eye” for refraction anomalies
An apparatus for measuring ocular anterior chamber angle
New model of schematic eye for skiascopy (retinoscopy) and ophthalmoscopy. Am. J. Ophthal. 5:436, 1922
A new model of contact glass for gonioscopy (goniolens). Am. J. Ophth. 28:1360, 1945