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Leopoldo Uichanco

Leopoldo Bancain Uichanco, Philippine entomologist (Calamba, Laguna 23 April 1894 – 23 February 1972)

Achieved international renown for his work on aphids and migratory locusts



Haplaphalaria 1921


Anomoterga kleinhofiae 1921

Asphondylia grewiae 1919

Ectenus spinosus 1950

Itonida paederiae 1919

Leptynoptera sulfurea 1921

Haplaphalaria dahli 1921

Paurocephala maculipennis 1921

Pauropsylla deflexa 1919

Pauropsylla montana 1919

Trioza pallida 1919


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Uichancoella Calilung 1975 (Hemiptera)