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Ezequiel Uricoechea

Ezequiel Uricoechea Rodríguez, Colombian physician, naturalist, linguist and ethnologist (Bogotá 10 April 1834 – Beirut 28 July 1880)

Recognized as an exceptional student graduated as surgeon at 18 in Yale University despite the fact that this diploma was given only to students over 20 

Studied mathematics, chemistry and linguistics in Germany

Uber das Iridium und seine Verbindungen. Dissertation, University of Gottingen (1854)

Analyse der Meteoreisen von Toluca und vom Kap der gutten Hofnung. Ann. Chimie und Pharm. Giessen XCL:249-53, 1854

Discovered otobit or otobil, a plant compound

Uber das Fett der Myristica otoba und einen darin enthaltenen neuen korpen (das Otobit). Ann. Chimie und Pharm. Giessen XCL:369-71, 1854

Studied botany, chemistry and medicinal applications of quine under famous chemist Benjamin Silliman

On the chinchona barks of New Granada. Pharm. J. Trans. 13(10):470-1, 1854-5

Performed studies on astronomy and meteorology at Observatoire Astronomique de Bruxelles under M. Quetelet (1855)

Performed studies on anthropology, ethnology and linguistics of Colombian indigenes with great acclaim

He was the first American to obtain an university chair in Europe (Arabian language at Université Libre de Bruxelles) in 1878

Owner of a collection of rocks and minerals

Corresponded to famous scholars



Golden Mines of New Granada. New York Herald April 10, 1852

Observaciones meteorologicas hechas en Bogotá. El Mosaico 2 e 3

Sobre o otobil. El Mosaico 2(40):317-8


Memoria sobre las Antiguedades neogranadinas (1854)

Elementos de Mineralogia (1859)

Mapoteca colombiana (1860)

Contribuciones de Colombia a las ciências y a las artes (1859-61)

Dicionário biográfico americano

Bibliografia arqueológica de América

Bibliografia colombiana (1874)

Colección linguística americana

Tratado de Meteorologia

Diccionario de Ciencias Naturales

Diccionario de voces de historia natural americana (1873)