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Cesar Uribe Piedrahita

Cesar Uribe Piedrahita, Colombian parasitologist and novelist (Medellín 19 November 1896 – Bogotá 17 December 1951)

Discovered that bites of Rhodnius sp. transmit trypanosomiasis too (1926)


With H. Groot & S. Renjifo, discovered Trypanosoma ariarii, causative agent of trypanosomiasis of Ariari River Valley (1951)

With K. Mezey performed the first pharmacodynamical study about poison niaara (1945)

With Kalman Mezey, Pataki & Huertas Lozano isolated cardioactive glycoside niaarine and described its properties and effects (1948-9)

Described new species as Cercaria reptans (1925), Cercaria usaquenensis (1944), Alaria arisaemoides 1927 and Crithidia orthea 1926


Order of Nile River by King Fouad of Egypt 

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