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Zafarullah Khan Tariq

Zafarullah Khan Tariq, Pakistani applied entomologist


With F. Ahmad & H. Huque. Control of sugarcane Pyrilla and whitefly by aerial application of emulsifiable concentrates at ultra-low volume. Pest Articles New Summaries 16(1):165-71, 1970

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A preliminary report of the mosquitoes in the Gilgit agency area. Pak. J. Science 19(1-2):47-56, 1967

With R.R. Khokhar. A redescription of Aedes (Diceromyia periskeletus) (Giles, 1902) (Diptera:Culicidae). Pakistan J. Sci. 18:117-23, 1966

With M. Aslamkhan & C. Salman. Studies on the bionomics of mosquitoes of West Pakistan. Ann. Rep. Univ. Maryland Sch. Med. ICMRT 28-31:8-40, 1966

A comparative study of the proventriculus of termites. Thesis (1962)


Tariqilabeo Mirza & Saboohi 1990 (Pisces)