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V.K. Ting

Wen Jiang Ting or V. K. Ting, Chinese geologist and stratigrapher (Taixing, Jiangsu Province 20 March 1887 – Changsha, Hunan Province 05 January 1936)

Named Wutongshan quartzite


Geology of the Yantze Delta

With F. Solger and H. B. Wang. Report on the Geology and mining industry along the Zhengding-taiyuan Railway. Journal of the Ministry of Agriculture and Commerce Republic of China 1(1): 14–17; no. 2 (1914): 15–19, 1914

Report on the Geology of the Yangtze Valley below Wuhu (1919)

With J. C. Zhang. Report on the coal fields of Yu-hsien, Yang-yuan, and Kuang-ling of Shansi-Hebei Provinces. Geological Society of China Bulletin 1: 1–14, 1919

The Orogenic Movements in China. Geological Society of China Bulletin 8: 151–170, 1929

On the Stratigraphy of the Fengninian System. Geological Society of China Bulletin 10: 1–48, 1931

A statistical study of the difference between the width–height ratio of Spirifer tingi and that of S pirifer Hsieh). Geological Society of China Bulletin 11(4):465–472, 1932

With L.J. Ge. The Permian system of China and its significance towards Permian stratigraphic subdivision (1933)

With L.J. Ge. The Significance of the Stratigraphic Subdivision between of Carboniferous of China and that of Mississipi and Pennsylvania (1933)

With Y. L. Wang. The Cambrian and Silurian Stratigraphy of Eastern Yunnan. Memoirs Geol. Soc. China 15, 1936

With Y. L. Wang. Cambrian and Silurian Formations of Malung and Chutsing Districts, Yunnan.  Geological Society of China Bulletin 16: 1–28, 1937

HONORS (Fossil)

Tingia Halle 1925 (Plantae)

Tingiostachys Konno 1929 (Plantae)

Dingavis O’Connor, Wang & Hu 2016 (Aves)