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Toranzos family

Fausto Alfredo Toranzos Cardoso, Argentine mathematician (La Plata 1938 –

Enunciated Toranzos theorem

The dimension of the kernel of a starshaped set. Notices Amer. Math. Soc. 14:832, 1967

Introduced the notion of visibility cell

The points of local non-convexity of star shaped sets. Pacific J. 101:209-13, 1982 
With Forte Cunto introduced the idea of a point of maximal visibility
Enunciated a theorem for real vector spaces
His father, Fausto Ismael Toranzos Juarez, statistician (Catamarca 17 June 1908 – Buenos Aires 06 November 1986)

Described a class of bell-shaped frequency distributions

An asymmetric bell-shaped frequency curve. Annals Math. Statis. 23:467-9, 1952

A frequency system that generalizes the Pearson’system (1948)

Enunciated theorems

Radial functions of convex and star-shaped bodies. Amer. Math. Monthly 74:278-80, 1967

The points of local nonconvexity of starshaped sets. Pacific J. Math. 101:209-13, 1982

Critical visibility and outward rays. J. Geom. 33:155-67, 1988

With M. Gonzalez. Un método para el calculo de la tasa de amortizaciones (1948)

Sobre un sistema de polinomios ortogonales y desarollo en serie de polinomios (1949)

Generalización del concepto de productividad al campo macroeconomico. Rev. Econ. Estat. 11(1-2):175-81, 1967


Eponym of Toranzos t function